Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Akipoyo X Halloween party!

Hi Hi~!

So, Yesterday I thought I'll have time for another post about the Halloween party but then... Bojack Horseman. I can't resistXD

So on Thursday we went to Oban Koban to celebrate Mayu's birthday!^^

We all ate Ramen and it was really fun:D Also I met Moe after forever~~
Innu and I drank yummy cocktails~



Then after dinner Mayu, Noy, Innu & I went to put on our Halloween costumes and do our make but we didn't have a proper bathroom to do it in so we did everything in the street XDDDD ww

Almost ready~~

Zombie Barbie Squad!

We all used Innu's wigsXD She has many blond ones XDDDD

Also, Noy & I with our very original candy corn nails lol

Barbie Dolls

We went to Mayu's car and we drank a little before going to the partyXD



Nonde nondenonde

The real face

Then we took a taxi to Florentin and went to the party that was weird at first but then the music got better and also we drank a little more lol so it was funXD

Innu and I lost it it was hilarious

Also, The club had some weird stuff in it.


Then we went back to Mayu's car cause she had to go home and Innu, Noy & I waited till the buses will start again
It was really cold but somehow I don;t really remember being cold lol I only remember feeling sickT_T

Innu with her new KigurumiXD

Then each one left to her bus and I got home at 7:30 am T0T
But it was really fun!:D Can't wait till next year! Also, We still have a Christmas party to go to this year so... ww

So bye bye for now~!



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