Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall coord inspiration 1: Amekaji!

How are you today?
I came back after my 8th shift for this weekT_T I'm so tired but I don't want to go to sleep and get up all grumpy so I'm gonna try and keep myself busy~ I made myself a cup of coffee and I'm gonna blog till I dieXD
Anyway lol
Since fall is officially here, Even in Israel that always have the longest summers [<\3], I thought I should do an inspiration post for fall outfits^^ For myself and also for anyone who wants some inspo:D
I'm gonna post lots of pic so it would probably have a few parts, And it's gonna be another style or two in each post^^
For the first post I'll do Amekaji and maybe a little bit of Gyaru kei cause those are my favorite:D
I'm pretty sure I could find LOTS more pics but I just felt it's already too muchXD If you would like another one with Amekaji or Gyaru kei inspo please tell me^^

Amekaji Gyaru Fall Inspiration

Well, That's it for this time!^^
I hope you like it and I hope you found a lot of inspiration here!:D
I'm so happy that lately there are more Amekaji gals in the gaijin comm<3 Keep on spreading the Amekaji style!<33333

See you in my next post~



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  1. So many cute coords! I love amekaji too! What comms have you joined?