Saturday, November 26, 2016

Senkura Halloween Meetup!

Hi Hi!

How is your weekend?
Mine is almost over:( Tomorrow it's already a new week with new 8 shiftsT_T

In today's post I wanted to tell you about the last Senkura meetup!
For those of you who don't know, Senkura is a group of Israeli gyaru & gyaru lovers and we meet in Dizingoff Center in Tel Aviv every 3~4 weeks^^ The name Senkura is actually the short for Center Club <3

So the last meeting was Halloween themed! we all decided to wear Rokku and be Halloweeny:D

My outfit, little bit inspired by Sakurina!

Dress...Shuk Bezalel
Bra top...FOREVER21
Scarf...City Store
Necklace...King George st. TLV
Choker...Spinns brand


With Olga, Bunny & Noyberry<3



We sat at McDonald's~

Innu doing her make~

Great way to store your lashesXD

Mayu's new toy

Nettan also came to hang a little after she finished work!

And for Halloween~ Trick or Treat!
Bean Boozled challengeXD

Some are yummy and some are horrible like vomit flavor and stuff like that:O
We have 2 part videos of itXDD


It was so fun!
One of the best meetups in my opinion:3

So the next meeting is this week on the 1/12 (Thursday) and it's a winter meetup!
We meet as usual at Dizingoff center at noon^^ If you wanna join us please do!<3

And now I'm gonna go to sleep~
Tomorrow morning I need to go to the post office and I hope my lenses are thereT_T



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