Saturday, December 10, 2016

Yesterday's Outfit & Gets! [FOX]

Hi Hi!
Long time since my last postT_T I had the busiest week ever:( I worked 8 shifts again but also I had so many other things to d and I didn't sleep much and just had very little time in general for every other thing except work:[

But now I'm at my parents house for the weekend. I miss Hatui but at least I having some rest and spending time with my family after 2 weeks..

Yesterday morning I went for a date with mom at the Airport city~ It was a little sunny so it was really nice to go out^^

My outfit~

Knit...My dad'sXD


I was inspired by this outfit of Kumicky~
I believe it's a 2012 Popteen.. I took this pic at a senkura meeting when Noy brought this magazine and I loved the outfit so I wanted to save itXD

We had coffee & apple pie:D

And we went to FOX and Laline~ I didn't but at Laline this time but my mom got me some cute stuff at FOX:D


The blue sweatshirt is actually children's wear lol lol
And the blanket in perfect and so mokomokoT_T It's not from FOX it was in the supermarket lol and was only 40 nis~
Also they have a sale at FOR if you buy in 300 nis you pay only 200~ It's very nice and a good deal cause you can but a lot in 300 nis and then you have a 100 nis discount!

Then we went home and I ate my first Hanukkah donut of the year~

Today is also sunny it's so nice~ I really miss summer already:( Can't wait till spring!
My parent went to meet friends and I'm alone so I think I'll go do my nails cause I have some time to spend and I don't know what to doXD Can't believe it.. I finally have time and nothing to do! I waited all week for thisXD

So I'll blog again tonight and hopefully show you my new nailsXD



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