Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pizza date & Tsubasa inspired outfits

I took a bath and I took the pics I wanted and now I'm here again:D
Before I'm going to dig into Emihamu's blog again [that's my plan for the rest of the day lol] I wanted to make another post:>

I got from my work place a present for the holidays and one of the things in that present was free pizza at Pizza Flora here in Jerusalem which is a really fancy place:D
So of course I went there with Hatuli for a date!:D

Hat...Headstar X Tsubasa Masuwaka
Black tights
Shoes...King George st. Jerusalem

My beloved Tsuchan hat<3

And then the best thing in this world happened.

I literally criedT_________T
Senpai finally noticed me!
The senpai of senpais!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't/

So many yummy topping*0* It was perfect

Want to sleep after all that pizza

Now I really want to go there againXD
I'm actually not a pizza person but when it comes to a good fancy pizza everything changesXD

And here is another Tsubasa inspired code~ Very simple..

Shirt...Pull & Bear
Black tank top
Skirt...FOX brand
Shoes...Yaffo st. Jerusalem
Hat...Modiin mall
Shushu...from Rome

My plans for this week are 4 shifts at the waffle place, 4 shifts at the store, and on Monday Hatuli and I are going to the old city to see some Christmas stuff:D We both have the day off I'm so happy!
Also tomorrow I have sewing class and I hope I'll finish my dress finally.

I'm making a piece of clothe that I wanted for a really long time and the fabric was expansive but I hope it's with it [if it comes out good..]
I just couldn't resist the plaid and the black & blue colors I just love that color combo:OO




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  1. love your coord! and that pizza looks so yummy~
    i can't wait to see what your dress will look like! love the fabric you chose!