Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Christmas Tree~! [New nails and presents!]

Hi Hi!

Happy Christmas eve!^^

Today I wanted to show you my new Christmas nails, My Christmas tree and presents!

So first, Those are my Christmas nails for this year~

I think they are pretty plain cause I actually planned something else but didn't have much time:( Next year I want to add some bijou and stuff:D

Next, I wanted to show you my first Christmas tree!

Hatuli and I bought it at the old city when we went to the Christmas date this week~ 
We also bought some heart shaped decorations and lights, And the cute snowy star!
I added some diy pink bows and kirakira pompoms^^ Also I added some cute chicks to make it piyo ish:D!

It's a very small tree cause we have a very small apartment lol

And out Christmas sock!

Look whats inside<3

I'm happy that we have a tree this year! next year we will get more decorations and it will be cuter:D

Now for my Christmas presents from my friends!^^

From NoyBerry!

Gudetama shaped paper and a cute pen, Chocolate shaped mini mirror, Shimmery tsumtsum, Panda shop egg choker and omg that nikochan body mousse I wanted SO MUCH!!!!
It's coconut scent and it's so perfect I love Laline and I love that nikochan collaboration!T_T
Thank you so much!!<3333

From Mayuminnie!

Pink cap with a pompom! It's so adorable and so cute for Amekaji!:D I can't wait to wear it!^^
Also this perfect pink pouch that can be very useful for parties and such:D It's so princessy!^^
Thank you so so much! I love itT_T<3

Tonight I'm working but I'm not gonna stay till they close cause I have a really busy day tomorrow and I asked to leave early. I'm a little worried about next week... I'm only working 5 shifts:( "only". Yet I did work 8 a week for 2.5 months now and I feel bad to do less then that cause I really need the money:( I'm considering if I should give the new year's eve shift cause it's a lot of money, But it's gonna be horrible and full of people and I don't wannaT_____T
I don't know what to do.
On the one hand, I want the time to go faster till spring, And on the other hand I'm scared cause I need to make a lot of money till then :[ help.

Anyway, I wish you all a merry Christmas and enjoy your Christmas eve!<3
See you tomorrow!^^



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