Monday, December 19, 2016

Xmas Date!

Hi Hi!

How are you today?
It's already pretty late here and I need to go to sleep, But I wanted to blog today and I just wasted all the time I had;;

Anyway! Like I said yesterday, Hatuli and I went to a Christmas date today at the old city^^

My date outfit~

Skirt...From Korea
Plaid shirt...FOREVER21
Black tights
Boots...Jaffa st. Jerusalem
Hat...Modiin mall brand

And my make with my new lenses from FreakShow I got at the last Senkura meeting!^^ I'll review then in one of my next posts!

Plaid twinning with Hatuli<3

First we ate some Hummus:D
It's one of my favorite hummus places in Israel!

Then we took a walk through the old city and bought a Christmas tree and some decorations, Drank Sahlab and Hatuli ate some KnafeXD

There are many yummy things in the old city, Especially sweets! 
Then when it got a little darker we went to the Christmas festival at the Christian quarter

This tree was HUGE. But it was so high I couldn't take a proper photo of it. But it was lavender and so prettyT_T

Some of the Christmas lights at the fest~

Hatuli in Christmas spirit


I had a great time today!
I wish we could stay longer at the festival until it's all dark cause I wanted to see all the lights in the dark but Hatuli had to go to Tel Aviv today so we had to leave early:( BUT I'm so happy we got to spend so much time together today cause since we both work 2 jobs we rarely have days off and especially not the same day.

Next week is my mom's birthday, My cousin's wedding and dinner with my friends at the weekend! Gonna be a fun week:D 
And for this week I hope it just go fast cause the best thing in my week already overT_T

And now I'm gonna go to sleep cause I'm working tomorrow morning!

Good night everyone!



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  1. such cute photos! glad you two finally had some time and had fun :)