Monday, April 25, 2016

At the beach with Mayu & Nettan!

Good Morning!
How are you today?
I haven't posted for a few days, It's been a holiday in Israel- Passover, So I had lots of family events lol
Because I work at a waffle place, I have a week off in Passover cause Kosher places are closed for a week~ I can't complain about thatXD
So I'm at my parents house for a few days~ Today I'm going to Tel Aviv to meet Anki and tomorrow Hatuli's cousin is coming from Canada and we're gonna spend the day with her in Jerusalem^^

In today's post I'll write about my first time at the beach for this year:D
I went to the beach with Mayu & Nettan few weeks ago on Friday. It's usually the day when it's the most crowded at the beach in Tel Aviv but we went there early so it was really nice and peaceful most of the timeXD

My outfit for that day:

Dress...Pull & Bear
Cardigan...Visalisa v.v.p
Shoes...central station tlv
Hat...from Eilat
Bracelet...Shuk HaCarmel tlv

And my swimwear:D

It's the one I bought something like 2 years ago from Accessorize~ I always love their swimwear so muchT_T

With Nettan & Mayu<3


After the beach we went to ICEBERG again to have the Japanese ice cream~ It was the day of the event they held, With the Japanese ambassador and everything~
There was a short lecture then a Japanese dance by an Israeli girl and a Japanese guy who are a couple, Then there was music only in Japanese which was very nice^^
There was a line to the ice cream but it wasn't so bad~ I got the Batata & Matcha cause they were totally my favoritesXD

Then my mom and brother came also to have ice cream and Nettan and Mayu had to go~
I really like it that there are a lot of Japan-Israel events in the last few years~ Many events and lectures also^^
Hope to have another thing like that soon:3

And for some recent gets!

I got this Delyle Noir dress~^^
Actually Nettan got it and I got another dress and then we tradeXD

Barbie crop tank top that was only 10 NIS at a shop on King George st~

'Banana' bikini with high waist bottom~ I never had this kind of bikini so I wanted to try one^^
I got it from Shuk Bezalel for only 25 NIS for both parts!!

And only one casual outfit for today~
Inspired by Okarie<3

Shirt...Dip Drops brand
Belt...second hand
Bag...Ank Rouge

I was inspired by the pic on the top right:D

Also one last thing~ I bought a new hair dye that I really wanna try~
It's Beauteen Mango Pink color~
Got 2 kits from eBay and it was a little expansive but I REALLY want a new hair color and I have to try this one~
At first I thought to try Palty Sakura Donuts, Then I thought maybe Fresh Light pink brown color and then I was this one and thought ok this is the oneXD
I really want it to arrive already!


So now I gonna find something to wear and start doing my make cause it's never too earlyXD

Hope you have a good day!



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