Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mall date with Ann^^


I've just finished dying my hair and now waiting~ So I thought I'd post so I don't get too boredXD
I'm going back to my apartment today cause I still have some lessons tomorrow [or maybe just one?] but because I'm not working today I can stay here longer and take the late bus^^

Last week I met Ann after a long time we didn't see each other! I missed her!<3
This was my outfit~ We went to Azrieli^^

Shoes...Shonjuku ALTA
Black socks brand

And my make with my new Gossip brown lenses<3

With beautiful Annki<3

My early dinnerXD Avocado sandwich & Cafe Latte<3

We did some shopping!
I wasn't planning on buying something but somehow...XD There were sales at FOREVER21 and H&M so I had to lol
Also I finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! bought denim overalls! I posted a pic on IG^^

It was really fun! And this week I'm gonna meet Ann again at her birthday dinner^^

And some outfits~ 

Knit...Shuk Bezalel
Scarf...City Store


Hair brand


Sweatshirt...Ank Rouge
Maxi Dress...Cecil McBee
Denim jacket...Second Hand brand
Bag...present from Moepi
Shushu...from Rome


Sweatshirt...H&M Men
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Hat...Gilfy X Tsubasa

And a little bit of new stuff [I'll post some more in the next posts]~

This shirt from a random store in Jerusalem called 'Gina'~ I was only 10 NIS and that's super sheap:O

Hello Kitty bag from another random store on Jaffa st. Jerusalem, Again only 10 NIS~
Also cute socks & Stickers^^

Cristal stickers from the art store in Dizingoff Center~ I forgot it's name though:P

I finally found a place to but Inarizushi!
I'm so happy I love it so much^^ and Hatuli is now inlove with it tooXD

So it's almost time for me to wash the color off so I'll finish here^^
Have a lovely evening!



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  1. I love that large w<3c bag, makes me feel all nostalgic <3 that shirt is such a great buy!