Monday, April 11, 2016

PiyoBee date ^3^

Hi Hi!

It's a new week of spring!<3
It was supposed to be cold but somehow it's still warm and nice outside^^ Yesterday it rained while it was SO HOT outside that's so weird! I guess that's HarusameXD
I'm in my apartment and I kinda cleaned here and watched CSI all day, But I;m working tonight again. ugh
I'm working 4 nights this week, from Sunday to WednesdayT_T At least I sleep late sometimes..

sometime ago I met Innu in Tel Aviv for breakfast & shopping^^

This was my make with new lenses from

Top lashes are Diamond Lash Beauty Eye, No bottom lashes~
Also I used Candy Doll Ramune Pink lipstick & Candy Doll Gelato Glitter lipgloss
Oh and Etude House Tear Liner #1^^

This was my outfit~ Wanted something that will be Otona Cute so I wore Liz Lisa salopette with Otona-ppoi denim jacket:D ["grownup-cute"]~

Salopette...Liz Lisa
Denim Jacket...meJane
Shoes...Liz Lisa
Bad...Liz Lisa

Also those gorgeous petal-pearl earrings handmade by Nettan<33

We had breakfast at the park cafe^^

Then we went to look for some cute stuff:D I actually did find lots of things I liked^^
Then before we had to go we went to Coffee Station and I took my favorite Banana Split Ice:>

I'm gonna show you what I got in the next post^^

Now for some outfits:

Knit...Shuk Bezalel
Plaid shirt...FOREVER21
Shorts...King George st TLV
Bag...TOPTEN brand


Knit...Lemayush brand
Accessories...eBay, Disney, off brand

And this outfit was inspired by Kanako Kawabata<333

I love her old style SO MUCH!!T_T

I kinda stuck all my hair under the hat to it would be Kanako chan's hair style:D
I actually like itXD Not for everyday but sometimes:P


Cardigan...Hello Kitty
Skirt...from Korea
Black tights brand
Boots...Allenby st. TLV

Also look!!!
Senpai noticed meT_T
Arikkuma my love liked my outfit pic I was so happy<333333 I should really make an Arikkuma inspiration post cause her old style is the cutestT_T

Again, Pompom hats.
Yes I'm addicted to them. I bought something like 20 hats only this winter:| I'm so sad that soon I won't be able to wear pompom hats anymore:( I need to find an alternative...

So the first one was on my wishlist<3
I love Valentine's High hats! I have to have them in all colorsT_T

And the second in another Headstar X Tsubasa Masuwaka hat! I have it in pink and now I got the light blue one but I have to say this color makes me look a little weird.. I like it anyway thoughXD

And one last thing- Did you see that Powerpuff Yourself site?XD It's so cute!
This is Powerpuff me:

So now I'll go finish all the cleaning and stuff before I go to work~ Still so much to do!
I have to buy some storage bags for our winter clothes cause soon we won't need them~ Actually we don;t really need them already but in Jerusalem you can never know...

Wish you all a lovely day and see you tomorrow!



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  1. awww I love those bobble hats! I'm so sad it is time to put away the winter clothes =(