Monday, April 4, 2016

I'm back! [PiyoBee date, Tons of outfits & some gets!]

Hello there!
Long time no see*_*
It's been crazy lately~ So many things happened! Some of them I mentioned in my last post but some are really really new~
So as you know my laptop was broken but now it's fixed finally! Also my phone was stolen but I have a new one lol
So I'll start posting all the stuff that happened since my last post, Mostly outfits but also some gets and meetings:D

So I'll start with the PiyoBee date of... long time agoXD
Innu and I net in Tel Aviv and the dressing code was: Tsubasa MasuwakaXD
Innu has always been the biggest Tsubasa fan, And since I went back to my old Tsubasa obsession we thought it would be fun:D 
This was my look for the meeting:

Innu did 2011-2012 Tsubasa look while I did 2009-2010 Tsubasa look XDDDDD

We went for some shopping and I was digging some accessories at a new very cute accessories shop in King George street~

Before we went home we had yummy frozen drinks at Coffee Station~ I had the Banana Split one:D

The end of this meeting wasn't so good as this is the day when my phone was stolen~_~ So.. yeah.

Also we had a family event for my sister's new baby^^
This was my outfit:

And make:

After we got home, So tiredT_T

And for some new gets!

Some of them are for winter cause I got them like a month agoXD

Fur jacket from Salus^^ I really like the color!<3

Over size knit and plaid shirt from Shuk Bezalel~ The knit was something like 15 NIS and the shirt maybe 30:O

Fluffy socks and a ring fur scarf~ The socks were 10 NIS and the scarf was 25 NIS, Both from random shops in Jerusalem~

And the bracelets from the store I talked about before~ They sell lots of cute stuff for 10 NIS, Those were all 3 for 10 NIS^^

And for some outfits~ I miss my old phone:((((

Cardigan...From Nettan's
Black tights
Hat...Headstar X Tsubasa


Tunic...EARTH music & ecology
Bag...Liz Lisa
Necklace...Tally Weijl brand


Tights...central station TLV
Boots...Renuar brand


Boots...Crocs brand


White T shirt
Plaid shirt...Urbanica
Cardigan...Allenby st.
Tights...Jaffa st. Jerusalem brand
Hat...Modiin mall

So this is it for today's post~
I'm going to work in an hour and I still want to make some rice for dinner so I have to hurry XD
I'll post again soon cause I now have my laptop back^^

Hope you have a good day!



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