Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shopping & Yummy food!

How are you today? I hope your day is nice and sunny like here^^
Sorry for not posting for a few days but I was really busy with both good and bad things..:X
Anyway, In today's post I'll finally show you all my recent gets from the sales in Tel AvivXD

My shopping outfit:D

Shirt...from Moepi
Salopette...Dazzlin' brand
Pass case...Harajuku
Sneakers...Shinjuku ALTA
Hair accessory...TOPTEN


In Azrieli I tried for the first time the Choco buns at Dim Sum Shop~ I really liked it!^^
If you go there make sure you take one of those for dessert:D

Then for another day in Tel Aviv- Another casual outfit^^
One of my favorites cause I'm inlove with my new denim overall:D

Tshirt...from Mayu brand
Hat...Valentine's High

And here it is~

I got it from Renuar~ It's new arrival and not on sale, So it cost 200 NIS which is kind of expansive but I just wanted one so badly and for so long! All the overalls I tried didn't look good on me and then I tried this one<3 
Love it so muchT_T
It's funny that somehow the moment I decided I want one it's in all the stored in IsraelXd I even saw cute ones at Central station in TLV that was 90 NIS but didn't look so good on meT_T
Now I want a light color denim one that I saw at FOREVER21 for 180 NISXD

Having lunch with mom & Hatuli at Oban Koban^^
I had yummy "Midori Roll" which is the vegetarian roll that has many yummy green stuff inside & outXD

Then mom had to go and Hatuli & me went to try the new Japanese flavors at ICEBERG ice cream at Ibn Gabirol street^^
I saw it of FB that the owners went to see the Sakura in Japan and came back with 5 new Japanese flavors that will be there for only 2 weeks!

I got the sticker and the headband from the owner that was there when we got our ice cream lol and he was very nice and he was all excited that I love Japan and that I've been there:D

We took together one ball of each flavor: Black Sesame, Batata, Yuzu, Sakura & Matcha^^

My favorite was the Batata one!<333 Omg it was SO GOOD T_________T
It might sound weird but I swear it was really yummy<3 I loved the Matcha and the Black Sesame as well, But I didn't really like the Yuzu cause I don't like the lemon-ish flavor ice cream in general, And the Sakura was nice but not like the others. 
Anyway, I thing this week is the last so if you're in Tel Aviv- Go try those!<33

When we went to Dizingoff Center and I took Hatuli to a nail art shopXD
Finger mustache~~~

And now for those gets!XD

First of all, I got this over size sweater at H&M for sale, It was only 60 NIS! I actually got it from H&M menXDD Well.. yeah~~

What I like the most is that the print is on the back~ I think it's more special cause I have lots of sweaters with prints but non of them have a print on the back:D

And some more men's clothes:
Those 2 tank tops that I bought as dressesXD The pink one from H&M men and the light grey one is from FOREVER21 men~ Both cost 30 NIS^^

Cute pink skirt from FOREVER21 for 56 NIS~ Somehow, I don't know hoe, I didn't have pink skirts until now!

Amekaji tank T from TNT~
I'm inlove with the color combination of red-blue-white.
60 NIS 

And pink crop top also from TNT that cost only 30 NIS^^

And one last thing- 2 Hello Kitty buttons for 1 shekel only:D
From a 1 shekel shop in Jerusalem.

So that's it for today~ I'm going to help Hatuli organize all the groceries he got
 and then I'll go to work. I'm now working 4 times a weekT_T But I need money............
Also I started kind of a diet on Thursday and so far I lost something like 1kg~ GanbarimaguT)T

Well, I wish you a great day!




  1. the dungarees look so cute on you! the sushi looks delicious as well <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart<3333333
      And the sushi was so good I have to go eat there again!XDD