Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gyarusa meeting & COCOLULU gets!


How are you today?
It's been a crazy week for me! I didn't work at all cause of Passover and I did so many things and met lots of people^^ So fun:D I'm really tired now though lol
But today's post is about my meetup with my gyarusa last week^^ I met in Tel Aviv with Innu & Nettan~ 

My look for the meetup~
For some reason my bangs didn't look good with the curly hair so I was took inspiration from my bang-less friends lol

I used my new lenses from Dueba King Brown
Top lashes-Diamond Lash Beauty Eye, Bottom lashes-off brand Donqi lashesXD
Candy doll Lipstick, Gloss & Blush<3

At first I met with Innu at Dizingoff Center and we went to Landwer Coffee and had salad & cold coffee

I loved that salad<3 It was "Health Salad"~


Then we went on King George st and to Shuk Bezalel and then Nettan came to meet us after work^^

This was my outfit for the meetup~

It took us forever to take outfit pics cause there were so many people in the street and the passed in front of the camera all the time:\
This was me in one of those moments

Dress...Delyle Noir
Belt...Central Station TLV

Paparazzi XD

Then we went to look at other stores and after that we went back to Landwer Coffee lol
It was pretty late and Nettan went home. But Innu and I went to ICEBERG to have Japanese ice cream one last time before they remove those flavorsT_T

I can't wait till the next meetup!<33

Also lol
We all did that 3 friends combination of FB and we all got the same resultsXD

And for some gets!

First of all~ I got my first COCOLULU items last week!<33

The shorts as I expected are a little smallT_T even though it was supposed to be L size!!
I wish I will loose that stupid 5 kg and it would fit better

And also Innu bought this wallet for me! I'm inlove.
It's also very light so it's ok to carry it everywhereXD

Very very benri!:D

And other gets from that day~

This crop tank that is originally from Bershka but I got it from a 10 NIS shop on King George st:DD

Two adorable oversize T shirts from Shuk Bezalel, Also 10 NIS each!

And this top from Shuk Bezalel, Only 5 NIS!! That's crazy cheap!!!
I really want to coord it with white tube skirt~

And 2 outfits from lately~

Tshirt...second hand
Boots...Allenby St. brand


Maxi dress...FOX

So, That's it for today's post.
Gonna go and help before dinner, Then after dinner I'll meet with friends^^ yay!:D


Wish you a lovely day\night!



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