Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Harucon 2016!

Hi Hi!
I'm now at my parents house with my brother, And waiting for Hatuli to come here too^^ 
Tomorrow we want to go to Tel Aviv together:>

In today's post I'll tell you about Harucon that was few weeks ago^^

So for this year's Harucon Nettan & I wanted to make like a small shop for brands and handmade accessories^^ We planned ot for a really long time and I have to thank Noy cause without her we wouldn't even have a place to make it! 
On the week before Harucon I went to Nettan's apartment in Tel Aviv to take all the clothes to my apartment cause the convention was in Jerusalem~ We made something like a business meeting 
cause we needed to buy some stuff and also decide thingsXD

My business meeting look~ Not very otonappoi like I thought it would beXD

Dress...King George st. TLV
Jacket...Second hand shop in Jerusalem
Shoes...Central station TLV
Hat...Valentine's High

Very little makeup but a lot of coffee:D

Actually we couldn't find anything from the list we had, unfortunately. It was a week before Purim and all the stores were so full of people and the sold nothing but cheap costumes:| So annoying. Next time we will have to do this earlier.

And for the day of Harucon!
This was my look~ With the cute fluffy cat ears Nettan made^^

Also with those gorgeous rose bunny ears, Made by Nettan~
Both of us wore Lip Service maxi dress<33

All accessories are handmade by Nettan^^

So I came there very early, Like I woke up at 5:30 am and Hatuli came with me cause I had SO MANY THING to take with me. I got there at 7:30 and started taking out all the stuff, Putting on prices and everything~ A little bit later people started to come and then at some point Innu and her sister Liza also came and Innu sat with me and it was funXD Nettan had work so she only joined later in the afternoon~
Also Innu really helped me selling when there were too many peopleXDD Thank you so much!<3
It was really fun and I hope that next time we will make another booth like this^^ I don't know when yet, But I hope it will be soon^^

Thank you so much, All the people that bought from us, And also the people that came to say hi:D
And also thank you so much for buying 2 items that was handmade by meT_T


With Ikemen Innu & Noga chan<3

And also with Bunny & Einav<3

Senpai please notice me already!

I don;t have so many pics cause I was at the booth all day but well. worth itXD

And of course for some gets!
So I got some stuff I ordered from eBay & Alliexpress:D

This gorgeous Betsey Johnson ponpon necklace!<33 It's PERFECT

A necklace\mirror\keychain\bag charm\ something cuteXD

This ring that I wanted so much but it broke the very first day I wore it:(((

My mom was in London and she bought me all those cute stuff:D

Also my dad bought me this cutie pink raincoat! It can be folded and it's very light so I can carry it in my bag just in case:D

And the little elephant, Is there anything cuter?

And some outfits! Not so new and maybe not in a chronological order but never mind right?XD

Dress...Bought it in Japan 8 years ago lol brand

I cannot, I just... This CaRifornia print is too good<3


Short...Dizingoff Center


Bracelets...King George st. TLV brand
Bag...Tokyo Disney Sea

Also, do you know the app MSQRD?
It's basically the best app after LINE cameraXD I can't stop doing stupid things like that:

[even though senpai noticed me so I regret nothingXD]

Why is face swap the best thing ever? 


So now I'm gonna read a little bit before Hatuli arrives, I'm reading the Harry Potter series AGAIN and I'm now at the 6th book~ I enjoy this reading so much! More then all the times before for some reasonXD I remember most of the things that happens but still I can't put the book down:OO

So I wish a lovely evening and see you tomorrow!




  1. Great post! It was great seeing you, I loved your booth and wish I could buy more TOT but the mirror I got is perfect and divine~ It's in my bag since the Con and I get so many comments everytime I take it out X3 I'm also in love with the flower-bunny-ears <3
    Good luck in future booths!

  2. Such a cute post! I love your business outfit, I'm finally learning the wonders of a denim jacket XD and those bunny ears are like heavenly!!! Cute stall sweetie xx

  3. Having your own stand at a con looks like so much fun. The whole stand looks so fashionable ~