Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Akipoyo idol contest video, Outfits & Gets!

- 29.7.15 -

Hot Day in Jerusalem

Sorry I didn't post anything the last few days, I was kinda busy with other stuff and couldn't get to itT_T BUT! some of the stuff were taking pics for some reviews and fashion posts for you!:> But before that, I still have some things I want to write about~
 The first thing is very important to me~ Innu, Mayu & I are taking part at an idol contest that is part of this summer's Anime Con, and the first step was to make a video of us singing and dancing to a cover song of our choice, and if we get enough likes, we can get to the finals and perform live in the convention^^ 
We chose the song 'Party Time!' from Shugo Chara cause we're gal idols and we wanted something related lol so I'll be really thankful if you could go into that link and like that post [and of course watch our video!]~

Feel free to give me your opinion in the comments!
It will mean a whole lot to all of us if we could perform it live^^

Also today's post will be about an Akipoyo meeting that was before the shooting of the video, and about the rehearsals also^^
So we all met at Azrieli mall on Friday few weeks ago. We didn't have much time together Innu & Mayu came to sleep at my parents house [they we're on a vacation] so the last bus was pretty early at noon on Friday [damn it]. We met early and had the usual coffee at the tall tables in Aroma lol

My outfit~ Onee Gyaru again, with a new skirt and a shirt that I wore for the first time:D

Shirt...Shinjuku ALTA [can't remember the name of the store though]
Skirt...Lip Service


The hair was inspired by this pic of Shizuka Muto~

Innu, Me, & Mayu, and in the background- Nettan Melody XD

So after we also looked at some stores and stuff [I only bought a hair brush lol] we went to catch the bus home~
When we got to my parents house we almost immediately started practicing on the song~ we we're practicing for hours and then we took a break and made some dinner- Pasta & saladXD

Innu is cutting the onion using sunglasses XD

After dinner we started practicing on the choreography and went to sleep really really late~
Also we got up early and started rehearsing again and again~ it was really hard to remember all the words and also all the dance partsXD It took us a whole day and LOTS of takes to make the whole song with the dance at one time lol
Then Mayu had to go and soon after Innu had to catch her bus~
Of course we anted to make a Gal Idol group, and we chose cute pastel colors seifukus for our dance costumes^^

My look that day for the video Shooting~

I really hope to get to the finals! I'm so excited to think we could actually perform on stage! crossing my fingers and hoping!!!

 Thanks for anyone who liked our video so far and to everyone who will^^!

And for some other stuff~ 2 recent outfit and some recent gets!

First outfit is Cat Theme!

Skirt...Allenby st.
Bag,,,A present from Moepi
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Cat socks...Harajuku


Another outfit, this time Marine Theme^^


And for the recant gets!
I buy a lot of Onee items lately!

Basic Lip Service skirt

Elegant Lip Service shirt

Another Lip Service skirt

Frill Rienda dress

My very first d.i.a belt! it's missing the big stone in the center but I will fix it soon~

And some off brand frill top I bought for 10 shekels in Allenby st. XD

So that is it for this post. I have lots of posts waiting so I think I'll do another one tomorrow^^
Thank you for reading and have a great day!



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  1. I hope you guys get to perform! Btw where did you find the kogal ribbon and sweater top? They look so lovely!