Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beauty City event, Birthday & Clothes from Shimamura!

 - 8.7.15 -

Hot Day in Israel

I can't believe I finally update my blog! it's been months I think from the last update*0* that's because I had the most stressful time at school, with all the final presentations and stuff..>< but now I'm finally free [almost] and I have time for my blog again!^^

So I know I haven't been posting about Tokyo like I wanted to [I have the posts almost ready, I just need to finish them!], but I'll start today with recent stuff since I really had been gone for a long time.
So! last Friday was the Beauty City event!^^
It's an even hosted by Superpharm, Israel's biggest drugstore and the Beauty City is a yearly event that has a theme and fashion shows and many many beauty stuff to buy XDD
Last year's theme was Japan so of course it was the best, but this year was really fun too, it was Hollywood theme and I just LOVED the fashion show and the decoration!

So this was my look for the event~
 Lenses - Princess Mimi apple green
Top & Bottom lashes - Diamond Lash

Dress - Rienda
Bag - Liz Lisa
Shoes - TOGO [stone clips from Aliexpress] 
   Necklace - TOPTEN

So yeah, I bought those shoe clips from Aliexpress, and I love them! really recommend them also if you like the Onee look cause they really make every pair of shoes look a lot more luxurious and sparkly ;D

  I went to the event with my mom and then she went to meet my aunt and cousins and I met with the gals^^
we checked the stuff they had to sell and then went with Noga and Regina to drink coffee and after that Innu and me went to meet my mom again and looked at some more beauty products but I didn't find anything that I needed~ after that we went outside to meet the gals and then we watched the cutest famous movie themed fashion show^^

Akipoyo at the Beauty City!

 With mom!^^

And for another thing~ last week the day before the Beauty City, was my birthday!^^

At first I was really depressed cause that day was also my biggest and scariest final presentation at classic animation, and I almost didn't sleep that whole week and also the night before my birthday, but then when I came [late] to class it was all dark and everyone was already watching the movies, but when they gave us a break everyone came to me and said happy birthday and hugged me and also Yael made me the cutest cake ever with the word "Bli" on it which is my famous slang word for everything in this world meaning literally "Without" [I don't even know how to explainXD[

Me with my Bli face.

And That was the outfit for that day, after school I went to a restaurant with Hatuli and had ravioli as always XDD

Dress - FOX
Crop Top - FOREVER21
Shoes - תחנה מרכזית ת"א
Bag - Present Moepi brought me from Japan
Hair Accessory - FOREVER21

Then after we ate Hatuli and me took the long way home and I had really great time just walking with him cause lately we really had very little time together even though we live in the same 2 room  apartment~ both of us had the final presentations thing to do..
After we got home I went to catch the bus and went to my parents house and they also bought me a 
cute cake! XD

So eventually I had the beat birthday and everyone made me really really happy^^

 So now I'll post some random stuff and then of course more stuff I bought in Tokyo [better now then never]

So first of all that outfit I wore for a family dinner~

Blouse - Shimamura
Skirt - Liz Lisa
Shoes - Yumetenbo

And also The presents Hatuli bought me when he was in Prague~
That fluffy yellow piyo is my loveT________T

And as I said, some stuff I bought when I was in Japan, This time the stuff from Shimamura <333

LizMelo dress

Black hoodie that has lace on the sleeves but it's kinda hard to see that in the pic

Cutest bag ever! It's much more pink in RL

Adorable My Melody sleepers

Ookii saizu shirt XDD I just really liked it lol

Accessory thingie that I'm inlove with

LizMelo coat


Most useful shirts ever. I'm sorry I didn't but more colors...

So that's it for today's post. I'm really sorry again for not posting at all the last few weeks,
 now that I'm free I'll try to post everyday or two days^^

Have a great day everyone!<3



  1. Shimamura is just amazing. ♡ Happy late Birthday! :D

    1. Thank you dear!^^

      And yes I would buy half the store if I couldT_T so many pretty clothes for every style I like, ever!*_*

  2. ילדון קטן ויפה היה כיף ממש בביוטי סיטי!וכמובן שמזל :>טוב והמתנות והחגיגות יגיעו מחר

    1. סייי בכלל אני כבר מחכה למחר אני מתרגשXD


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad to hear you were able to enjoy it despite all the stress!
    I love all the stuff you got in Japan!*^^*

  4. מהממת..לוקים מקסימים בעיקר השמלה התכלת (:
    ומזל טוב!!

  5. מהממת..לוקים מקסימים בעיקר השמלה התכלת (:
    ומזל טוב!!

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