Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sweet Gyaru photoshoot & Gets!

- 21.7.15 -
It's Sunny in Jerusalem

In one of the last posts I've told you about the photoshoot I did with Mayu and Innu and said I will post the pics in one of the next posts, so here they are!
Big thanks to the great photographer Alona that was so sweet and made me feel really comfortable! It was a pleasure!

So we did 5 different looks, all of them were Liz Lisa style-sweet gyaru theme^^

 In the first one Mayu and me were twinning, and I chose few pics that I liked for every look^^

Hope you liked it!^^ please tell me in the comments:D
One thing I learned from that photo shoot though- take better care of my hair. Usually if I want my hair to be curly and fluffy I'm using a curling stick on my natural hair and this time I did that but did not consider the fact that we will be outside and it was very windy, so my hair got really ugly after the first look we did:(
 I now know I should have straighten it and then curl, cause in that case it wouldn't be so basa-basa after a short timeT_T But well, I'll stop hereXD just a note-to-self and maybe a tip for people who are doing the same by curling their natural hair lol

Now for some gets~ yay!

This BEAUTIFUL dress from Oui, Ayano Ruban

So in love with it<3 the sleeves are so small tho:|

Dream dress from Datura

And my favorite pattern of Ma*rs skirt XD
Cannot explain how much I'm in love with itT.T and I really want to get also the top of that set~

So now I'll go and wash my hair [again] with my blue treatment cause the roots turned kinda orange again and there is the fashion show in a few days~

Have a great day everyone!




  1. איזה כיף שאת מעדכנת בתדירות כזו גבוהה!הצילומים ממש היו כיפים ותיקתקנו עבודה☆ תתחדשי על הפריטים המהממים!♡

    1. כן היה באמת כיף בצילומים^^ ותודה ילד:>

  2. You all look so stunning ;0;! Neve Tzedek always has, in my opinion, a very סחי feel in the pictures taken there but somehow you really make it look like a wild west town or a country village. which is lovely and magical ^^!!!
    + I adore both pictures where you lookout side the window

    1. באנ הקטנ! אני מסכימה איתך הכי בעולם לגבי נווה צדק יואו פשוט אמרת את מחשבותיי אבל הבעיה היא שאין הרבה מקומות לצלם בהם את הסגנון הזה בארץ שהם גם נגישיםXD
      ותודה לך חמוד!^___^

  3. You look beautiful! This looks like a Liz Lisa photoshoot from the magazine!

    1. Thank you so much what a compliment!!!T_T

  4. I love the photoshoot pictures! So gorgeous, you all look so lovely *^* <333 I felt like looking Liz Lisa catalog or something!

    1. Thank you for you sweet comment!;;<333

  5. The location is really pretty. ♡ You all look absolutely flawless in every single picture! *o* Wonderful coords as well. Well done. ♥

  6. Oh my god!! So many of these look like gyaru magazine photos. (;__;) ♡
    What shopping service do you use by the way? (´u`)7

    1. Thank you so much!T_T<3
      And I always use FROM JAPAN it's the beat!