Thursday, July 30, 2015

More pics from the Harajuku Fashion Day & New outfits and gets!

- 30.7.15 -

It's a HOT Evening in Jerusalem

Good evening everyone~

I'm at home after a long, but fun day. I work in the morning but I've wasted my time till now and then I remembered I wanted to update my blog and so I will and then go to sleep.
I don't know why, but I feel kinda blueT_T...
I'll try to make myself feel better with this update though^^

So I got some more pics from the Harajuku Fashion Day last week~~ 
Thanks to all the people who took lovely photos!^^

With Innu & Bunny

During the fashion show


The children!<333
Violet's face is so funny hereXDD

Before the fashion show- Innu. Jay, Claire, Me & Nettan

Noga & Me!:D

That's it even though I just got some more pics but I'll post them some other time~

Last weekend I went to Hatuli's parents house in Ashkelon, It's in the south of Israel~
On Saturday we went to the beach^^ it was my first time at the beach this year!

Before we left

Flip brand

At the beach I collected many seashells that I still don't know what to do with, but I have to find something cause they're so beautifulT_T

Hatuli is buried in the sandXD

I really like the beach in Ashkelon, better then the beach in Tel Aviv, I don't know why:P
Also I met sweet Sasha at the beach, she came and say hi and it made me really happy^^

After we got home we took a shower and went with Hatuli's mom to buy him some clothes~
My outfit at FOREVER21 while Hatuli is trying clothesXD

Shoes...Liz Lisa
Bag...Liz Lisa

After we bought enough things we ate ice cream and then went home, and Hatuli and I took the bus back to Jerusalem.

Another thing we did [actually it was last week so it was before but whatever lol], we went to try a new Hummus place in the city~

Casual outfit~

Top...H&M rand
Bag...Present from Japan

For some reason there were many umbrellas in the airXD
It was cute though^^

The Hummus was actually really good and then we went for some grocery shopping and then home^^

And some new stuff that I bought\got!

My cute pink deco brush from Claire's was brokenT_T so I had to find a new one~ It's not as cute as my old one but it's cute enough I guess:P Got it from FOREVER21

Innu came back from Vienna and got me this cute pink case that I use for my lash glue and eye drops and stuff, Apple shaped lip balm that actually smells like apples:D, and a perfect color nail polish!
Thank you so much Innu chan!!<3

Also I got my birthday presents from my mom in the mail!
First of all, FINALLY, 3 pairs of lenses from Solution-Lens that I will review soon. came with this cute pen & earrings^^

And 2 pairs of shoes from GALSTAR. same design in two colors- hot pink and black, but because I'm size 37-38 It's hard for me to know if I'm M or L cause I'm usually right in between:| so I got the black ones in L and the pink ones it M, and the black pair is way too bigT_T I thought it would be fine and then I walked with them and my legs died.

 At least the pink pair is perfectT_T

And some old things that I didn't post yet, that my mom brought me from Portugal~

And also she bought me this when we were at the supermarket one dayXD

So that's it for today, a very short and not so interesting post. I'm sorry, but I'm so so tiredT_T

I'll post again tomorrow and I promise a better postXD

Good Night~



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