Monday, July 20, 2015

Birthday event, Presents & New hair color!

- 20.7.15 -

It's Sunny in Israel

I'm now at my parents house~ I came here Friday and was so busy all the time, but in a good way, finally it's not school or work! I have time to do stuff I wanted to do for a really long time and waited that I will be free to do it. ^^
On Friday Innu and Mayu came for a sleep over, and all we did was to practice our song and dance for the Idol contest we take part in next months:O I'm really nervous cause I've never perform singing in front of a lot of people [or even a few peopleXD] and also we needed to make a video as the first part of the contest and I hope it went well~

So! Today's post will be about my birthday event^^ 
 I met at noon in Azrieli mall with Ann. Claire & Mayu, and after we had some coffee [of course], we took some pics and then went to the restaurant that we had a reservation to~

My outfit~
I wanted to wear my favorite skirt on my birthday♥

Top...Off Brand
Shoes...TOGO [Shoe stone clips from Aliexpress] 
Choker...Paris Kids






The restaurant was so beautiful and fancy;A; we waited until Nettan and Moepi arrived and then we ordered~
I had Gnocchi with corn and mushrooms and creams and all kind of yummy stuff♥

Also the girls surprised me with a birthday cake made by Nettan in shape of chinchin, cause what's friends are for? XD


Nettan bought me a Kitty doll from Rady just like the one I lost!! thank you so much!T_______T


After dinner we sat outside a little bit and also took funny picsXD


I took pics of all of the presents^^

From Innu♥
One Way high waist shorts that I wanted when we were in TokyoXD and also the Crooz Girls mag with Okarie on the cover!T_T she is so perfect:< I miss the times when Popteen models were GalT________T

From Ann & Claire♥
Forever Young floral vest and pink stuff from SABON^^ the stuff from SABON smells so good aaaah;Q; 

From Mayu♥
Tunic from Yumetenbo and all kind of Kiroiitori stuff!^^
It's so sad I can't find any Kiroiitori stuff in Israel;; I'm so happy that I now could make my collection bigger:DDD

Also that cute birthday card:D

From Nettan♥
earth music&ecology tunic [Aoi Miyazaki♥♥♥] and the Hello Kitty x Rady doll like I wrote before^^
I thought I will not have that doll until I go to Tokyo again and it will be... long time till thenT_T so I'm so happy<33 

Thank you so much girls! I love all the presents and I'm happy to know how well you know me and what I love and want♥♥♥

Before My birthday event I had to, I just HAD TO dye my hair*_*
The roots were SO ugly!!!!
Before I was in Japan I went to a hair salon here in Israel and they really fucked up my hair cause for some reason he wouldn't bleach my roots so he just dyed then light brown, even though my hair was way lighter, and every time I washed my hair it became even lighter and the difference between the roots he dyed and the rest of the hair became very noticeable><
And then after some time my real roots were showing and I had 3 colors in my hair!:|

It was even uglier in RL.
So I gave up on hair salons in Israel cause to fix this they want so much money that I don't have and don't want to spend, so I asked my mom to bleach my hair, and she had never done it before so it didn't came out so good I still had brown patches XD So after I washed my hair I bleached those parts again and It came out kinda ok, but then I dyed my hair with hair color it looked really great!
I used this hair color~  

I really like LOREAL hair colors, even though I would prefer Palty, but I only had darker color then I wanted to I'll use it some other time~

After- with wet hair

The color looks warmer cause of the light but this is what it looks like in daylight and dry hair~

 I love that colorT_T
It now lost a little of it's ashy-ness again so I need to use toner or something but I'm so happy that I don't have those ugly roots anymore! and also now I know how to do it myself and I don't need to spend a lot of money on something that doesn't even looks like what I want.

I now need to go to the post office to take my lenses [finally!] ♥ So happy they're here before the fashion show on Thursday! I really wanted new lenses and also I didn't really want to wear the green ones with the outfit for the show, and I only had green ones*_* My mom ordered for me lenses & shoes for my birthday and the shoes actually came while I was writing this postXD

Have a great week!♥




  1. היה כיף בשישי וגם ביומולה שלך!מקווה ממש שנעבור לשלב הבא°○°"..
    תתחדשי על הכל וגם על הצבע המושלם*_*
    מחכה לחמישי♡♡♡♡

    1. וואי ממש מקווה שיהיה טוב עם הקליפ! בינתיים זה נראה טוב ואני מאמינה בנו אז יהיה בסדרXD

  2. באיזה תחרות אתן משתתפות? לא הבנתי :O