Tuesday, July 14, 2015

KikiLala Point Pads review, PiyoMinnie date & old Liz Lisa gets & wants!

- 14.7.15 -
It's a hot evening in Israel

Today I finally had the test and I think it actually went pretty well~ but the important thing is- IT'S OVER!!!!
I'm now at my parents house and it's 11:58 pm, I'm already SO tired like I'm actually sitting on my bag and falling asleep while looking at clothes lol. So I decided to blog cause that would keep me awake for another hour lol.

Today I'm gonna post about my date with Mayu before the photo shoot we had few weeks ago~
We met in Tel Aviv at the Center as always, Then we ate some sushi and after lunch we anted some coffee so we went to our favorite coffee house "Loveat" in Nahalat Binyamin~

My outfit

Dress...Ank Rouge
Bag...Liz Lisa

My regular~

PiyoMinnie date!


Love that coffeeT_T

Then we looked at some store and took the bus to my house~ Slumber Party!:D
We tried the point pads I bought in Tokyo^^

The ones I used were Kiki Lala pads that I bought at a Sanrio shop~
This is the first time I've tried point pads and at first I wasn't really sure what to do with all the oil [this one was almond oil] so then I just put them on my cheeks and put some of the almond oil on the dry parts of my skin [Since my skin in combined-sensitive I have dry cheeks and oily T-zone, so I avoided the parts that are usually more oily]. I put them on for something like 10-15 min~

I have to say that at first it felt a little too oily but then when I realized what to do with it I loved it XD The smell was so great and my skin felt really good the morning after<3
I really recommend it! I also bought My Melody point pads that I want to try, and the ones I bought for Mayu were from Disney store in Shibuya, and she also really loved it!

So after we ate and had some beauty time we went to sleep~
In the morning we had to hurry cause the shooting were in Tel Aviv again and really early, so we had to catch the bus to Azrieli and from there we took another bus to the place where we had the photo shoot~

My makeup for the photo shoot~
I actually wanted to use my grey lenses but the day before when I met with Mayu, I opened the case and I saw that one lens got really dry like..it was hard plastic T_T
And I only had pink lenses that sting my eyes a little so I had to buy a pair in Tel Aviv~ tried the Princess Mimi apple green this time. I will review them on another post though^^

And my nails [that I don't have anymoreT_T] boo

We actually met Alona the photographer on the bus in Tel Aviv so it was really nice^^ then we met Innu there too^^
 we had 5 different outfits and they were all Sweet\Roma style~
I will post the pics from the photo shoot in the next post^^

When I was wearing that Min Plume dress it was really windy [well it was windy all day and my hair got..ugly;;]. My dress was so puffy in the wind!

And it was SOOOOOOOOO hot that day! but somehow we did everything really quick and we actually finished early!

Innu, Me. Alona & Mayu!

Then we sat in a restaurant and I had that amazing salad~

And after that we all went home and I got back to Jerusalem and had to do animation, ugh! it was such a long day that only half of it was goodT_T the shorter half XDD
So as I said before I will pick some photos to post tomorrow or something^^

And some more recent gets!
This time- Liz Lisa. One of my favorite brands is Liz Lisa but actually the last few years I really can't find myself in there.. The clothes now are REALLY pretty but not my style [sometimes I see cute stuff but mostly just cute stuff I prefer to see on someone else]. So I'm really trying to find the old items Liz Lisa had, especially from 2009-2012 T_T 
This time I found this pretty tunic that I remember on my wish list ever since I saw it in Tsubasa's old blog in Style Walker [doe's anyone remember that??] when she was Liz Lisa's producer~
Maybe I cold even find the pic...

Ok so I actually got stuck in that loop of looking for a pic and then looking at other pics and then saving tons of inspiration pics for an hour or more:| excuse me XDDDDD

[Btw I'm DEFINITELY gonna do an old Liz Lisa style inspiration post!]

So! this is the shirt! in Tsubasa's pic it looks more pink but I don't know if it exist in pink, mine is orange anywayXD And I love itT_T can't wait to wear it already!

The second is this dress which is actually a winter dress cause it's made of a really warm fabric like some shirt I have from the same collection I think, that my dad bought for me when he was in Hong Kong in something like..2010? maybe? this was my first Liz Lisa item everT_T
So I was really happy when I got this dress cause I wanted some more stuff from that collection<3


And now for some more Liz Lisa old items I want to get- cause I found all those pics on my laptop lol

First of all- my whole time favorite dress which is actually a salopette~ I want itT_T

Most of the pics are from Poupee Girl [RIP :<<] and some from LL site~

Ok so this is just the tip of the wishlist lol but I'm really tired and I have to go to sleep.
Btw does anyone else here miss this style of LL?T_T

with that- 




  1. Georgie we carry some of those. I'm going to be posting a very similar maxi dress soon and I definitely have one of those floral rompers that I'll be putting up in the store soon. I also have a couple of those older style sukapan/skirts!



    1. Thank you sweetheart!^^ I will check it out!:33

  2. I love that Min Plume dress! It looks so pretty on you! <3
    Also , regarding old&new Liz Lisa , while I miss the old stuff & wish I'd find it easier , I also like the new stuff...but I'm actually really picky when it comes to both. haha Anyway , I love the things you got (I might even put that tunic on my wish list tbh) and that salopette you want looks so damn pretty ;; :3

    1. Thank you so much!<3
      And yeah actually I'm picky too but there are so many pretty stuff that I always want SOMETHING XD even now when I really can't see myself in LL new clothes I still fnd stuff that I want, but way less~ I loved that boho~country style they used to have while now they mostly have dolly style, and in dolly style I prefer Tralala or Ank rouge for myself^^

  3. Oh gosh that purplexwhite dress looks amazing on you! You are so pretty! *3*
    I haven't heard of point pads before... I wonder if we can get them in the UK! I really want to try them out :D

    1. Thank you beautiful!<333
      And I know for sure you can order them on ebay, even the same ones that I got! It comes in many colors and smells I love itT~T