Friday, July 24, 2015

Harajuku Fashion Walk Israel & Fashion Show!^^

- 24.7.15 -

Humid Night in Ashkelon

Today I'll blog about yesterday's big event - Harajuku Fashion Day in Israel!

Well it's the first year that we have such an event! Israel is now celebrating the international Harajuku fashion day like other countries XD The 3 sweet girls that organized it, Michal, Or & Rini are so awesome! 

So the day started with the Harajuku fashion walk~ we met in Tel Aviv and after we took lots of pics [XD] we walked to Dizingoff Center for the event!

My walk outfit~
I had to choose something light cause I was one of the models for the fashion walk in Dizingoff Center and it was SO HOT.

Dress...Min Plume
Bag...Ank Rouge

And my make with new lenses from Solution-Lens (Vassem Kayo gray) a, and as I said in the end of the last post, I used blue treatment on my hair so I really liked the color that came out!

Photos from before & during the walk! [Thanks for all the photographers that took beautiful pics!]

Actually Innu & me were the only Akipoyos thereXD

Then when we got to Dizingoff Center we rushed to the bathroom to change clothes and refresh our makeup for the fashion show~ 
The fashion show was to show different styles of Japanese fashion and of course we were doing different kinds of Gyaru~
 I did Himekaji, Nettan was Agejo, Innu was Onee, Clare was Sweet and Mayu was Roma^^ We actually did the styles that each one likes and wear a lot:D

My Himekaji look~ (inspired by looking A LOT at Himena's blog over the last yearXDD) lol
Accessories...DIVA, FOREVER21, TOPTEN, PrincessDream

Hair arrange*~*

I was super narvous before the fashion show and then when it was my turn I was so happy cause people were so loving and sweet and actually I heard people calling my name and they took pics and and.. just thank you all for coming and being so great<3

And of course~ friends!<3


The pink Akipoyos:D

And even Naama came and hang with us! I was so happy to see you Pit!

Kodomo & Jay trying to grab my faceXD

Beautiful Claire<3

With Mayu & Noga^^

Little adorable decora kidz that I love<33

Mayu & Jay

Innu & amazing Mori

Ann Hakatan that had to go before we finished eatingT_T

So after the show we went to look at all the pretty stuff that people were selling, and then we went to eat and after that just hang for some time at the Center~
I had THE BEST time and I really love all of you people that came and said hi and were so beautiful<3

I really can't wait till next year, cause we have to have that day again, that's for sure!

There are still some pics that I didn't get yet from yesterday so I'll post them when I will^^

I'm now at Hatuli's parents house and Hatuli is making gnocchi XD tomorrow we might go to the beach^^ yay! my first time this year lol
Have a lovely weekend everyone!<3




  1. I actually really like your hair when it's a bit orange. Is that strange? XD

    Everyone looks so cute. ♡ It's really exciting that so many people are representing gyaru in fashion shows in Israel! I hope more gals can do the same in the UK in the future. ✭

    1. Really?XD I usually just feel like it looks brassy so I'm always trying to get the orange offXDD But thanks^_^
      And hey isn't there the same number of gals in UK as in Israel?:O

  2. I wish there was an event like that here in Australia! Maybe I should create one!! You all looked so beautiful and it looked like so much fun!!

    1. Oh you should!!!! It's actually like a dream came true for lots of people here cause we usually just get the looks and nasty comments on the street but now finally a day just for us that shows that our fashion rocks! I'm sure that Japanese fashion lovers in Australia will be thankful as well*.*<3
      And thank you cutie!!!<333

  3. היה כל כך נחמד לראות אותך ולהגיד היי סוף סוף XD כולכן הייתן מהממווות ! ♥

    1. אעע אני לא מצליחה לזהות את הכינויT_T!! אשמח לדעת מי את!!:)))

  4. It was so great meeting you after such a long time!!!!
    Hope I will see u soon ^^
    P.s-You were great! such a beauty and amazing style :D

    1. Thank you so much Nofi it means a lot to me^^ I was super nervous!!
      Also you are too on a summer break right? or wait did you finish maybe??:O