My Favorite Makeup (2007 Style)

A while ago I said I wanted to write a post about my   style^^
I changed my eyeshape in the last couple of months and I'm very happy with it! After I struggles with makeup for a while, Moving from old school makeup to more pacchiri makeup took me a while, And I tried a few eyeshapes and styles until I got to the one I liked the most.
Tbh, I the big eye makeup. It is more time consuming, But in a way it is more satisfying, Cause I felt that even though I loved the old school makeup (I mean the 99 one specifically), I started to get bored with it cause it didn't have much diversity in colors and shapes, Mostly ice colors for eyes, cheeks and lips, And that's it. I love it, But I needed a break.
Another thing is, I can't lie to myself, Pacchiri makeup makes you look cuter and prettier. The eyeshape is more dolly like and the lashes that you choose (both top and bottom) can change the vibe completely, While in oldschool makeup using lashes sometimes ruins the whole look, If you didn't choose very natural ones.
So, When I tried deferent eyeshapes, I found that even though I like the very tare-me (droopy) makeup, I don't always feel like looking like this. I wanted a look that is more casual yet glamorous,.
That's when my 2008 Ranzuki came across my mind.
It is a January issue of 2008, Which mean the makeup looks in it are still the 2007 makeup trends. It is of course all a part of my 2007 boom.
When I thought of the perfect makeup that I wanted to do, I thought of Tamochin's makeup in this issue

I really do love everything about it. Most important points are the eyebrows, The no droop and the golden vibe it has.
As for the importance of eyebrows in gal makeup, We need a whole different post for it.
But the thing I wanted to talk about mostly is the no droop makeup. Some gals in the magazine has a more tare me shape in their makeup, But it seems like the older gals like Tamo and Maipu went for a more sophisticated shape that has no droop and as Reina called it- "black all around the eyes", which means no gap in the bottom lash line, And black eye pencil framing the whole bottom tear line.

The lashes that they used for that makeup are not so long and bushy. They are more on the natural\spiky side, But since the wing of the eyeliner is not so long cause there is no droop, The lash line itself is more natural looking. I think a lot of the gals back then used Decorative Eylash of lashes from M.a.c
Diamond Lash and Dolly Wink came a little later.

Cheeks are mostly bronze colors, But sometimes pink. Lips are nude beige or pink and very importantly- glossy.
The contour as well is very golden and soft looking, Which is something I really love about this makeup.

That day when I met Akipoyo I tried this makeup~
I also used brown lenses which feels like the perfect ones for this golden look

Second time I tried is for another Akipoyo meet, I was really inspired by Tamochin in general.
This time I used the same lenses in gray, And I feel like even though they fit the look , Brown lenses looks cuter

Lately my favorite eyeshadows are from this palette - Dear My Blooming Eye by Etude House
Besides being super cute on the outside, The shadows are super cute and glittery, And I feel like after so many eyeshadows that were supposed to be glittery and failed me, those really do the job.
I like to use the gold over the whole eyelid and the dark brown on the outer corners; I use the black one above the top lash line which gives a cute affect after you put the eyeliner, like a little bit softer?
The pink one looks cute either as the base color or for namida bukuro~
I also tried using the gold x black instead of the gold x brown and I really liked it, I should try again sometime~
I really wanna try another version of this palette~ The one I have is the one I marked, But the orange one on the left looks ADORABLE too, Maybe more for summer though

(Photos from: Here & Here)

I feel like for this Otona-ppoi look with no droop the best eyeshadows are gold, browns or black, But pink can look cute too~ It just need to be as soft as u can

Another great inspiration for this look is 2007 Tsu chan~
She always did that no droop makeup, And she even used to do the wing of her eyeliner a little high like "cat eye", But very small and short.

Here is a look inspired by Tsu chan~ She was more into the shimmery pink cheeks and pink beige lips

Here you can also see the eyeshape very good~ No droop at all, But the bottom lash line does have a small gap in between the real lash line and the drawn one.

And another one, this time no gap just a thick black line under the eye
The lashes that are perfect for this makeup in my opinion are Daiso b03 or other shorter type spiky lashes, And bottom lashes are usually natural or a little more spiky if you're going for a more dramatic look~ I like to use Diamond Lash Nudy eye for the softer look and Diamond Lash Cute eye for the more dramatic one. I also like some random eBay lashes I have.. Maybe I should make a post about my favorite lashes w

One last thing before I stop rambling w
I really prefer brown lenses for this makeup style. I think it looks more 2007 and "natural". You mostly see smaller lenses like Honey Wing or Angel eye
But I feel like some gals used gray lenses from time to time, For example Tsu Chan that had her produced lenses, The Geo Wing series and she had a gray version (Geo Ash Gray)

I tried to do this makeup with gray lenses like I showed you above and also with those super light gray lenses and tbh it looked cute, But AGAIN, I do prefer it with brown ones for most of my looks.

I have just ordered new lenses since the lenses I'm wearing in all the photos above (accept this one) are expired already and I have no brown lenses now

Well, That's it for today, Sorry if this was super boring tbh I don't even know:O
If anyone is interested, I was actually planning to post a makeup tutorial I have from that Ranzuki issue of this makeup^^ So stay tuned~~
And tell me what you think: Gal makeup without the droop looks less gal or not?

See you next time!



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  1. I've always done my make up without a droop and kind of in this style that you're liking. I feel like it personally suits me better. I was really worried about having Alba or Cocolulu without abiding by era appropriate make up or booms (because I love how I do my eye make up so much) but I think I've came to peace with the fact that I can be allowed to enjoy old school designs and make it my own without having to tan or resort to constant frosted eyeshadow or body glitter (tho the jewels on the eyes I'm absolutely doing)-someone will have to pry my longer/fluffier eyelashes out of my cold dead bands even with this style. I love having eye focused looks way too much to sacrifice. lmao!!

    I don't know why but I've always fucking hated the droopy thing. It looks good on some Asian girls who want to give their lower eye area dimension and make their eyes look huge (it looks good on some of them if it isn't overkill). I think on Westerners especially it looks strange because of high cheek bones/how our eyes are. Plus it's just so overdone now a days and can also be the only type of makeup that certain people associate with gyaru to them point where I'm always like, "ughhhhhh" every time I see it. OTL It looks like loose hanging skin if it's too low and if you use cheap bottom lashes it's hard to get the curve right and is a disaster. </3 I think a slight gap towards the outer area that almost resembles a double wing is cute but other than that I think people are overkill with it.

    I've always adored how Tsubasa does her make up in general. It's really cute but understated in a way that I feel like has been forgotten/not valued as much. Gyaru eye make in general was really fun looking and looked cohesive. I feel like the 2007/2008 era was way more focused on eyeliner work and modifying the shape of the eyes with eyeliner rather than lashes.

    Dude that eyeshadow palette is so nostalgic. ;_; Back when Etude House was princessy AF....

    1. I was never into too much droop myself, But I did do it sometimes when I wanted something more extra (I'm not even talking about manba makeup cause that was a whole different thing ww)
      What you said about creating your eye shape with eyeliner and not lashes is basically what I mean, Cause when you use super long lashes, Especially like in 2011 when they used 2~3 pair at the same time, It gives your eye a droop no matter if you meant it or not! And I've tried it, You know like Yun chan's make and stuff, It's cute, But it's not 1. comfortable and 2. everyday
      I like that gyaru is an everyday thing and not a special occasion thing, ofc it's my own preference! I don't mean that I do it everyday, But I want to be able to do it if I want to if it makes any senseXD
      Tsu chan's make and 2007 makeup in general was pretty simple I feel but it really gives you the "best face" you can get, While super droopy eye is kinda grotesque looking sometimes, Even if it's cute grotesque. It's not a bad thing, But it's not for me right now^^

    2. Oh and also! I did this little research on my stories to find just that-
      Gaijin gals or non Japanese gal lovers in general consider the droop super important! I really want to make a post about that. It's an interesting subject!
      Also, About doing old school with big eye makeup- I tried it for a while and it didn't work for meT_T I always feel like I have to do the EXACT thing that was going on in that era and it kinda limits me:(

    3. Ahhh I saw the research thing and it was interesting what people had to say on it. I "droop" a wing but I don't consider it a droop as much as I consider it an extension to elongate my eye downwards if that makes sense? Because you throw the two sets on not only to add volume to the lash but also one of the pairs is usually outside of the natural eyeline on top and where the liner is extended o3o so I get what you mean! Sometimes I don't know how they did it without the lashes going flat on them because it was so much. I've tried it a couple time and it will screw over my length or the lash going upward because it's so heavy that it's pushing the lashes down.

      Like I mentioned, I feel like if you have a fuller under eye area the droop gives dimension but sometimes people overkill it or it doesn't work. It works on some people. I was really bemused that people prefer a droop in gyaru make up but didn't think it was a requirement...o3o

  2. That eyeshadow palette is so pretty, I love how you do your make up ♡ Super super cute ♡ I have to do a droop or else my make up looks super cosplay/basic dolly style and not gal (。╯︵╰。) It's a tricky art doing make up to suit your own face and you have it perfected ♡

    1. Thank yoooou<3 And yeah like Darla said it's from when they used to be princessyT_T Now they are so basic ughT_____T There is almost no princess designs in makeup anymore and that's sad:((

      And yeah exactly!! I have to do a super small droop to but I don't even know if it's considered a droop~ It's just that the wing is going down and then up and not like.. 100% up and cat eyed like in most western makeups
      I think your makeup is super cute on you! And also I feel like I associate tare me a lot with hime cause of himena and other ageha gals that used to do this makeup and I feel like it suits you style the best! And luckily your eyeshape in general^^ On me it looks a little off, Cause my eyes are pretty smallX_X

  3. I don't think a droop is needed for gal makeup. Especially because we gaijins naturally have bigger eyes...it is not essential for us. I prefer a very decent droop...also, I feel a lil dumb: pacchiri, otona-ppoi? I never heard that T.T

    1. A decent droop is exactly what I try to do:DD
      Oh and Pacchiri means big eyed, Otona-ppoi means "grown up like"^_^

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  5. omg blogger seriously won't let me log in and comment correctly lol but

    I loooove ranzuki! I wish i was able to see more editions online as scans. I really wanna try a look like this now, i feel like i have so much to learn! I'm so new to gal makeup and i never used to wear eyeliner before bc i hated how it looked on me until i found the gal eye shape that looks better on me. You should totally post the tutorial, i would love to see more like this!

    1. I really want to get more Ranzukis! It had been my favorite mag when I started gyaru!
      I will definitely post the tutorial I promise! And I was the same like you! Never even did my makeup before I started being a gal~~ It took me a long time to figure out what eyeshape is best for me and also I changed it like 1000000000 timesXD But the thing is I've seen your makeup and it's already so good that it's weird to think that you're a beginner! Just imagine what happens when you improve even more*_*

  6. Always always best inspo ;o; I absolutely adore posts like this! And I agree! You don't always need a droop! You look stunning in this style~ and that orange palette reminds me of one that Kanako-chan uses ♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE POSTS

    1. Yayyy I'm so happy you liked it!<3
      And I'm curious what palette did she use?:OO

    2. It looks like she used two little palettes. They are definitely NARS Duos and if I looked it up right they are Isolde (frosted ginger / shimmering copper) and Scorching Sun (Glazed Apricot / Orange with Delicate Sheen).

  7. I really feel like those palettes are the perfect all in one for gyaru makeup. It's that and eyeliner and done! (eyes wise of course)
    also, I prefer brown lenses (in general)but specially for this kind of look too

      I used to prefer gray lenses and come to think about it I blame you too a little with making me like brown ones more latelyXDDD